Hot and color summer days are passing. Automn is coming with its yellow, orange and red colors. It is time to renew both your home decoration and clothes on a tight budget. In this article I will speak of some details like how can you do this changes with less money.

The colors of autumn are yellow, orange and shades of red. You should remove all colorful pillows, cupcake design patterns and accessories until summer comes. And you should change they with more plain objects.

Also you can prepare quite creative decoration products. For example you can put autumn tree branches into unused jar or glass and you can obtain nice view with cocoons.

You can cover your armchairs with wool shawls and you can decor it with orange or red pillows. And you can buy sheepskin carpet and you can place it in front of the fireplace.

You can evaluate these ideas but if you think these are not enoug for you, you can research on the web. And you can find and buy more decorative products on the web.