As a parents, you should attentive choice in decoration because babies grow in their room so rooms effect their mental and physical development. Selected room should be spacious and airy. It should be in eastern or western front.

First of all you should pay attention to size of baby room. It should be enough large. After you put furniture to room, She should has enough area in order to crawl and play with her toys.

You can select such as pink, pomegranate flower color, maroon color for baby girl room. Because this colors specific to female. Likewise color of baby cradle should be compatible with color of furniture and walls. So you can provide color harmony. Cradles are can selected special to girls such as mushrooms, pretty houses, castles shaped.

Choosen chest of drawers should be functional.  linens,And you can garnish your baby blankets, bedspread and bedspread with themes specific to girls. Also you can garnish head of the cradle with princess-themed pictures and ornaments. Besides you can hang hoop over the cradle. So you can put your baby’s toys to hoop. And you can paste sky-themed ornaments to ceiling.

Lighting can be done with dim pink lights. Also you can paste animal and forest figures on the wall for wall decoration. While you are decorating your baby room no doubt the most important thing is healthy growth and development of baby.