If you have desk job, it means you spend your all time in this workroom. So workroom design and accessories is very important in terms of psychological.

You can personalise your workroom, using your family pictures. It relieve you when you feel stressed. And if you have small work area, it can seems larger by using small mirror. Sometimes you can look your own beauty.

Monotony office goods bore you. You can encolor they. And coffee and tea are indispensable. Also you can encolor your cup. Only choose pattern and paint it. It is very simple. With the same way you can have different mouse pad.

Miniature bell glass can be a different alternative for your worktable such as miniature plants. And if you use computer in office, there are many cables. In order to hold together these cables, you can use holder. Not only cables, also small appliances can cause mess. Again you can hold together these by using papeterie, empty tin or jar.

You can have a backache due to work long hours by sitting. You can prevent this ache by using comfortable pillow. You can choose it according to your decoration pleasure.

And the last one is choosing cabinet. Boring colored office cabinets are not attractive. You can cover its apparent parts with colorful designs.