Preparing the baby’s room, is a very exciting and enjoyable for mothers and fathers. Before baby’s time, some research is done. Parents want to buy something continuous for their baby.

Your baby’s room must be comfortable and you must guard your baby against to dangers while you are designing your baby’s room. A standard baby room should be about 10 or 15 square meters and it must have a window. Because it should receive light and air. It is necessary for peace and health of the baby.

Selected goods should be healthy and easy to clean. For example; laminate flooring should be preferred instead of natural wood. And you should not use carpet and rug. Because carpets attracts dust and reduce humidity ratio of room. Also if you prefer dyed furnitures, you should check whether it is healthy or not. And it is also important buying furnitures which are designed in order to use up to certain age.

Also selection of colors is very important.  Pastels shades may be preferred. Because blue, green, pink are calming effect in the room. If the furniture is decorated in bright colors, will be appear more spacious, wide and bright.

You should pay attention to choosing orthopedic bed for your baby while you are choosing bed. It shouldn’t be too rigid or soft. And you don’t use synthetic textile products.