Generally people less take care of bathroom decoration according to other parts of home. People think that if bathroom is clear it is enough for me. They think color, style, diversity is not very important. However bathroom as important as living room, bedroom and kitchen. It deserve the same care.

Use Of Empty Frame In Bathroom Decorating

In this style especially old frames should preferred. And also using different colors and sizes is another important detail. Frame hangs to an empty wall with desired wall paint. From larger to smaller nested models used very extensively.

Sea Themed Frames In Bath Decoration

You can do this yourself. You need several frame, seashells, sand and glue for this. It provides a wonderful harmony especially in the blue and white bathroom. So it will has spacious and peaceful view.

Use Of Vintage Style Frames In Bath Decorating

Old photos, gilded frames, experiences…If you respect the past and memories creating different style will be a quite nice change in your bathroom. Every size frames with old photos in this frames can be a great concept.

Special Photo Frames For Children In Bathroom Decorating

Which towel belongs to whom? How can I make bath time enjoyable for my child?You can produce excellent results for this problems by making little changes in your bathroom. You can take your child photo while he/she bathing and you can framed this photo. So You can save your child from ‘’bath time nightmare’’